Wip Anri 3

February 24, 2015

Hello lovelies,

only 12 more days and it's Hanamatsuri. Time sure flies by! And of course I am far from being finished.
At least I have three full days to sew and 9 days after work...(so like 2-3h @_@).

The only thing I finished is the crown! I tried it on yesterday and it fit's very well, even though I didn't even use pins to hold the crown in place. I love it.

My no makeup and tired from work face is censored XD! And this is also the first glimpse to our new sewing room! The boxes on the right side contain wigs and all together, Matthias and I probably have 6 boxes of wigs. Whoops.

What else did I do...
I coloured the fabric and as I said, the painted fabric just doesn't look that good...but I did not have any other choice....as the fabric spray did not work..
It's like that blurry and messy on purpose because you can also see on the original picture, that the white part is just whatever too. I painted three, so there is one more to go...

Cut out the sleeves and used my overlock to make the edges nice and smooth. The bottom will get an elastic band and the top will be ruffled. Or, when I made it too small, it will get some ruffles.

I lined the sleeve and it really looks nice now. But I am still not good and sewing round things. Srsly...this is super annoying.

So, what more to do:

  • buy shoes 
  • finish ribbon stitching the other sleeve and line it
  • finish painting the skirt part
  • embroider the skirt part
  • cry
  • put together the whole dress
  • paint it and embroider it
  • cry hard
  • insert a zip
  • sew the sleeves onto the dress
  • do the button and hole things onto the sleeves 
  • embroider the shoes
  • cry because it's done
All the best,


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