Anri wip 4

March 05, 2015

Hello lovelies,

only two more days until hanamatsuri. I am not pleased at all because I still have 7,5h of work in between and 1,5h of university. Doing cosplays was so much easier and faster when I didn't work or worked only a few hours a week.
There is still a lot to be done and I am unsure if I'll make it for Hanamatsuri. The bookfaire in Leipzig is next week and I also wanted to bring the costume with me, at least I think I can manage until next week. But let's see. I will just try my best and go with as little sleep as possible on Friday night.

So, what did I do except stitching? Running around and trying to get gold ribbon. I checked in almost all the fabric stores in Vienna to get some of the ribbon I run out on but nothing. In the last shop I checked, I got some and immediately bought 10 pieces. This took away so much precious time, it's saddening.

Painting the fabric black and then letting it dry was also time consuming. But while it dried, I ribbon stitched.

The crown is 100% finished! The only thing, I think., that is... But hey, at least something is! The flower was made separately and just sewed onto the headpiece. The finished piece has a small pearl in the centre, which is not to be seen on this picture yet.

In the middle of stitching. I tend to get better from week to week!

And this is the almost done version...There are only a few leaves missing now on the top of the skirt part. Then I can finally stitch together everything and add some gold lace trimming.

There is a timespan from 7-9 where I can sew today, because I have to go to bed early again. Work starts at 7.30 again This is super annoying.

  • buy shoes 
  • finish ribbon stitching the other sleeve and line it
  • finish painting the skirt part
  • embroider the skirt part
  • cry
  • put together the whole dress
  • paint it and embroider it
  • cry hard
  • insert a zip
  • sew the sleeves onto the dress
  • do the button and hole things onto the sleeves 
  • embroider the shoes
  • cry because it's done
Total time: 46h
Total cost: 57,30€

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