Quick shopping update and ootd

March 06, 2015

Hello lovelies,

on tumblr I found this link to super cute ribbon shoes on ebay.

But sadly, the didn't ship to Europe. So I searched and searched and found a shop on ali express who did. Google and reverse picture search works MAGIC.
My shoes arrived one month after the final transaction.

I ordered them in beige and I forgot to buy them one shoe size bigger (as I always do while shopping online...just to be sure) and they are therefore a tad too small. I can wear them but my toes almost hit the front every time, which is really uncomfortable.

The first thing I noticed when opening the box was that pungent smell of plastic. But after a few hours it vanished. The second thing, was the tiny and weirdly shaped ribbon.
Well, apart from that, the shoes are really totally cute and can be worn with himekaji/gyaru or casual lolita.

Ebay 36,99$ / Aliexpress 28,86$

I work less than the last two years and therefore I have more time to doll up! Fuck yisss!

Dress: Liz Lisa, Shoes: The ribbon shoes I mentioned before, live in action!

In my comfy Hogwarts sleeping pullover!

A Liz Lisa  dress and a replica dress, underneath a bodyline skirt and Tally weijl ribbon shoes.

Again a liz lisa dress and coat. Everything else is offbrand.

Have a nice week!


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