Animuc 15

April 13, 2015

Hello lovelies,

Animuc is over and I am in Austria again and finally have internet again. I always try to catch wifi when I am travelling but in Germany this is so difficult to find anything. The only place I had wifi for a few seconds before it didn't work anymore, was in a shopping centre.
P., Matthias and I drove to Munich on Friday at about 2 and we arrived at 6 or 7. We made a short stop before the German border to get our muscles working again, but apart from that, the drive went very smooth. And I tend to instantly fall asleep in cars, so if there would have been any problems, I overslept them. Remind me to never get a drivers license.
In the hotel room, which was super small but had room for exactly three beds, I finished my Cross Ange cosplay.

This is the half finished version I made before leaving for Munich.

On Saturday I was in my full Cross Ange cosplay (I forgot to put on the gloves though) and then I was freezing so much, I wore my Liz Lisa coat over the cosplay half of the time. Meh.

Matthias was still sick with a virus infection so I made him wear this mask all the time
 But we left early anyway because we still wanted to go shopping in our favourite tea shop in Munich (Ronnefeld). The salesladies already know us and always chat with us, which is so nice. We only go to the shop 2-4 times a year but they still remember us every time we go there.
Then in the evening we went out for yummy Mexican food which was really good but expensive for German standards. My King Kong colada was not good at all. It was very sweet but it could not cover the bitter taste of whatever alcohol they put in there. In comparison, the kiwi twister P. ordered was so good. I thought the food was good but P. and Matthias had stomach ache afterwards. I really have a good stomach. Lucky me. But the food was really fatty, we had sweet potato fries, fries with chili and cheese, and tacos baked with cheese.

The next day we were at Animuc already very early because we wanted to leave early again to go back to Austria. I was dressed in larme kei but I had the feeling that almost nobody knew this style and even the lolitas eyed me warily.

Full coord:
Dress: Forever 21
Peignoir: self made
necklace: Dreamy bow
Flower crown: ??
Shoes: some chinese online shop but I wore them the second time and now the right shoe is ruined and I have to glue the heel and the front together again?...Thanks...
small hairbows: Claire's

It's not really visible but I had pink blush under my eyes again...damn you filter.

I am a bear, rawr.

Mirror pic with S.

This is actually a polaroid picture.
 But the weather was much better and when the sun came out behind the clouds it suddenly got very very warm.
We went shopping and I bought pink hair chalk . I am very excited and hope to test it out soon.

I hope to do a photo shooting soon with my cosplay...I need good pictures!! ò.Ó

Have a wonderful week,


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