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April 03, 2015

Hello lovelies,

next week is Animuc so I will be very busy this weekend. But, it's Easter time so no work on Monday. Hurray!

Jesus Diamante is the brand if you want to wear Himegyaru and it is also ridiculously expensive. One dress is as expensive as a lolita dress, sometimes it's even more expensive.

But all in all I own eleven  dresses, two pair of shoes, one head bow, two bags, two camisoles and one cardigan.

A ridiculous price, if I had bought everything from the store.
But there are really other ways to build yourself a himegyaru wardrobe full of Jesus diamante and really, I never paid more than 100€ for a dress.
  1. Girls from the Gyaru sales or Lolita sales livejournal community or Hime sales on facebook sometimes sell Jesus Diamante for a very good price. I got three dresses, the head bow, two camisoles and a cardigan on these sites. And for one dress I never paid more than 120€ including shipping. I even got a camisole, the cardigan, the head bow and one dress for 120€. It was a dream come true. 
  2. Yahoo Auction Japan is a very good site to buy from. They also have a lot of secondhand Jesus Diamante for a fair price. Use Buyee to buy from Yahoo Auction Japan. But be careful: while you can look out for good deals in the gyaru and lolita sales community in your country (no taxes, reduced shipping fee), this option may seem cheap at first but never forget, you also have to pay for the shipping from Japan, sometimes taxes and a standard and handling fee from Buyee. I bought the fluffy bag, the black shoes on the bottom picture on the left side and the black dress with the bow in front on the top picture from Buyee but I can't remember what the total was.
  3. The third option is closet child. They too are a second hand shop but they have an online and a physical shop. When I was in Tokyo in Winter 14/15 I spent a lot of time in closet child, I can even price myself in having been in every closet child in Tokyo (yes, yes, what an achievement, congratulations, me) and found some very good deals. I bought four dresses and most of the dresses I bought were only about 50-80€. I also bought one pair of shoes, the right ones on the bottom picture.
  4. I also bought directly from the Jesus Diamante store, never the full price though. There is that thing called fukubukuro which Japanese shops sell from the 2nd of January. It's a bag filled with goods for a certain price. I went to the Jesus Diamante shop and got a bag for about 200€ and got three dresses out of it. A fantastic deal, to say the least.
I hope my guide helped fellow Himegyaru to achieve their perfect Jesus Diamante wardrobe and to not be scared by the prices they see on the original JD homepage.

Have wonderful Easter holidays,


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