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October 15, 2015

Hello lovelies,

I will attend the Metamorphose tea party on the 17th of October 2015 in Vienna and I am having a really hard time doing my coord.

This is what I have until now.
I will wear my lace up doll jsk with purple ankle socks from wego and black shoes from Jesus diamante.
Underneath is a Dirndl blouse and on top is a black vintage bag. I am still missing jewelry and a hat or a headpiece or something. The problem is, that my closet is full with white or pink things but I don't owe a lot in black (except for shoes and bags).

Last Friday Matthias and I went to the Musical Mozart.
I wore my Madame Rococo skirt from La petite fille with a bodyline blouse and a hat from Taobao. It was not a lolita coord, my petticoat are too voluminous for this skirt (it looked ridiculous), but it was a very nice otome kei coord.

But it was so cold already that in the end I wore a Liz Lisa cardigan and a primark vest on top of that (and a coat on top of everything, I am always freezing, srsly).
 Oh and look at my bangs, those lazy little fuzzy guys. They are mocking me.

Matthias looks so enthusiastic, this is unbelievable.

We had a fun night at the musical. Matthias is not a fan of musicals though so we only go once a year but he liked Elisabeth and I think he also like Mozart. The music was nice but I thought there were a lot of plotholes and some things just didn't make any sense for me. But the whole show was spectacular and especially the visual effects.
The only thing I really, really disliked were the costumes. They mixed modern and baroque and created something grotesque. I get it, that people can't wear historically accurate baroque costumes on stage but this was really weird.

Then on Saturday I went to a bar with friends. We had two people over from Germany so this was a reason to drink some alcohol, in my case Malibu-Ananas.
I liked my make-up and contouring on that day.
My hair was not made yet but I had to take pictures. And I think, this is the first time I show my forehead. gasp.

Ignore my doll in the back, and all the chaos.
But I looked super cute then. And I loe matching pink dresses with pearl necklaces.

Sunday was my sewing day and Matthias and I really need to stop binge watching Criminal minds. But I really like this show a lot.
We made Cheeseburger with avocado-coriander sauce, Pumpkin chips and tzatziki dip. I was so full afterwards, I could hardly move.

My half eaten burger. It was really good and thanks to the avocado it even looks healthy.

Have a nice week,


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