My lolita year 2015

December 23, 2015

 Hello lovelies,

this time I will post my Lolita year 2015 with my most popular coords at first.
By most popular I mean the highest note count on tumblr.

I am starting with number five.

That was my coord for LBM. I was the dream doll of every little girl. There were so many mothers who asked me for a picture, that was really cute.

Number four is this:
This was my coord for Connichi. The op is from Angelic pretty. I have to say, the plush jacket was super warm.

My number three is this coord:

 Souly made this picture for me in the gardens of Schloss Schönbrunn. I really like the picture. The dress is from Infanta.

Number three is only a casual coord for shopping
This is maybe my least favourite coord because I just wanted something quick for shopping and didn't really put much time and energy into it. So I was very confused by the notes. But oh well, tumblr works in mysterious ways.

And building up to my coord, which got the most notes this year...
*drum roll*
Tadah! Not really my best coord too but I think the people just fell in love with my cute little cat. My sweet little rascal. Look at heir cute tail!

 All the best,


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