Souffle Song Fukubukuro

December 18, 2015

Hello lovelies,

this year I ordered four different fukubukuros; Liz Lisa (2x), Swankiss, Souffle Song and Syrup Tokyo.
And the Souffle Song lucky pack already arrived last week. I guess it is not a really 2016 lucky pack then.
Nevertheless, it came with DHL and I could even choose the day it should arrive. The only problem was that the option didn't work and instead of delivering it on Wednesday when I was home as chosen the parcel was delivered on Monday.

The lucky pack contained one OP, one Jsk, two blouses and two head bows.
The jsk is absolutely not my style and the two head bows don't match the dresses or anything I have but I guess that is just the risk you have when buying lucky packs.

This is the OP I got. The colour is a lovely dark blue hue but the pictures don't really do it justice.

Details of the dress. It still looks black.

As I mentioned before the jsk is absolutely not my style. It reminds me of a tacky Angelic Pretty print.

Also the top is too long for my short torso. 

Blouse number one is my favourite. It has small wings at the back!

I have wanted a wing shirt since I saw the Ank Rouge winged shirts and now I finally have one. Hell yiss!

The second blouse is shoulder free (at least I think it is).

Both blouses are not really for Lolita so I will wear them with my normal day clothes.

As I mentioned before, the bows don't match the dresses.

And I have no idea why blogspot rotated the picture...

And that was my first lucky pack for this season.

I can't wait for the next ones to arrive.

Have a nice weekend,

Aurîs Lothol

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