Lolita Teaparty in Vienna

February 23, 2016

Hello lovelies,

Last Sunday was a Lolita tea party at the Viennese art gallery. And to be honest, I thought it was the perfect setting. The gallery is located in a magnificent building, built in 1891.

The party started at 11am and it had just started to rain again and the wind was blowing terribly, I was wearing a hat and I almost had to run to the museum. Lucky for me, the tram station was not that far away.

Dani and Jasi were our two hosts and led us through a three hour tea party.
We got sandwiches and sweets in various kind. One hot drink and one cold drink was included too, a second drink wasn't.

Our yummy baked treats.

A picture of other lolitas and the interior design. I really liked it.

There was a program with three different points. There was a lolita valentines card box and during the whole event you could write small positive messages to other lolitas. At the end of the event, you could pick up your love letters and cards. I got so many, and they were so super nice. It was wonderful.

There was also a lolita quiz and our group got third place. I was at a table with newbies who knew none of the answers, so I am really happy it still worked out though.
We all got small goodies from the sponsor, lolita butiken in Sweden.
I got a black headpiece, and a pink choker and a cookie mobile phone strap.

There was also an outfit contest and I even got first place (by one point). Nevertheless, I was overjoyed.

We were the winners fo the Lolita contest.

At the end we also made a group picture.

Picture by Rob Detoyato

All in all I have to say, it was a wonderful party. And it took me over 10 years, but I am finally comfortable in my lolita community. Well, better late than never!

After the tea party I went to the art gallery. I am a sucker for all art until the 1940s.

Last but not least, some pictures of my outfit:
Emily and me. I love her jsk.

My full coord. Picture by Rob detoyato.
And a full picture with filters and my hat. The hat is self made. I also made a small tutorial for it. It can be found here.

Another kitsch picture. My sister remarked, that I looked like from shoujo manga. She is not wrong.

OP: Fanplusfriend
Necklace: Metamorphose
Wig parts: Prisila
Hat: vintage + selfmade
Shoes: DreamV
Stocking: ebay
Bracelet: Closet Child


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2 Kommentare

  1. Your whole outfit just looked so good! The concept made you look as if you had escaped from a book of historical fashion. A very well deserved first place in my opinion!

  2. You looks pretty! ^-^