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February 29, 2016

Hello lovelies,

the bookfair in Leipzig is a huge event and cosplayer from all over Germany and Austria attend that even every year. This year, even though I said I won't, I will attend again. But I will be at a friend's booth and probably help her out, not all of the time tough but definitely on Saturday.
I will be there from Wednesday to Sunday and I am already thinking about all my costumes or jfashion outfits I will wear.
I came to the conclusion that I wanted something special, at least for one day and what can be better than a Sakizo cosplay (which is easy to transport, that was a big criteria and therefore I really had to search long and wide).

But this was perfect in everyway:

Sakizo designed stocking and you could even buy it. Needless to say, to make this cosplay I of course ordered them. I just hope they arrive before the book fair. I have to think of something when they not arrive (with my luck this is a real possibility) but I guess I will wear the outfit with a boring stocking and just have a fotoshooting with the nice stocking and the outfit.

My cute little rascal. She likes to lay down on every piece of fabric I am working on. And she either hates or loves my pencil because she keeps attacking it when I try to draw the pattern on the fabric. it is quite annoying but look at her cute fluffyness. I can't stay mad long.

I cut about 9 strips of fabric for the frills on the skirt. (SPOILER ALERT: it was not enough).

And frilled it. Thanks to my perfect ruffle foot I am saving so much time and I ruffled all my strips in less than a few minutes.
The skirt still looks a bit weird but it will get frillier. And I decided to pull up the sides a bit.
Underneath the skirt are pocket hoops to give that overdramatic flare of the skirt. My petticoat would be too big for that tiny skirt.

As for the top, I frilled the purple part and attached it to the beige side part.

This is what both parts look like, without the boob cups.
The boob cups are frilled too and it makes it really difficult to work with.

Plus the cup parts look a bit weird because there is so much fabric.
I pinned them into ruffles but they will look different when finished.

I added the decoration and it really does look good with it. I just need a solution for the green-ish stone which can be seen on the original artwork. Cabochons would be the best but I don't like the transparent ones and I am in dire need of facetted green acrylstones.

No Viennese lace/fabric store had that kind of fabric. So I though, fuck it all, I am going to spray it with bronze fabric dye. And it worked. It worked really well. Hell yess. I am so happy about that.

No idea why blogspot turned that image but this will be my collar. It just needs a ribbon for a closure or something like that. And of course, a green cabochon or something like that....

I also started the staff and I used fimo for most of the parts.
The bottom part is a bell and it really fit's well. I filled it up with fimo and stuck it into my oven.
 I already have more parts but I forgot to make pictures so I will share some this week again.

That's all my progress. I still have to weeks to go and I have some busy days ahead of me. Oh, what did I get myself into...


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