LBM 2016

March 22, 2016

Hello lovelies,

I missed writing entries because I have been to Leipzig from last Wednesday to Sunday. I arrived home at 4am Monday morning, completely dead and exhausted.

My friend slippeddee had an artist booth at the book fair and Yvy and me helped out. It was really fun and I also met some people I haven't seen in ages. It just felt like unpaid work because I got up early in the morning, we all had seperate hotels, and tried to be at the venue before 10am at least on Thursday and Friday, on Saturday and Sunday I even woke up at 6am to be at the venue before 9am.

I didn't bring any cosplay with me, but instead I wore Lolita or Larme on all the days.  It was super comfy!


I didn't expect it to be very busy on a Thursday but surprisingly it was.
My outfit:
Jsk: Souffle song
Headdress: selfmade
Shoes: Jesus diamante
Gloves: Souffle song (I think I forgot to wear them for the pictures)
Blouse: thrifted, vintage

After the convention we went to the old city of Leipzig, at least we thought it was the historical site?, and found a really good Vietnamese restaurant to eat. They really had delicious food.


Friday was not that busy! Wuhu. My hat was a bit too big for the small booth and I bumped into the table a lot when I tried to get something from underneath it.
My outfit:
OP: Yolanda
Hat: vintage, selfmade
necklace: Dreamy bows
Shoes: DreamV
Tights: madame chocolat

I think I fell into bed that day, completely exhausted already. I only had some salad for dinner but the salad was super good. I really envy Germans their supermarket. Our supermarket are small and don't even have a quarter of the items German supermarket has. Meh.


I got up at 6 and went to the convention earlier than usual because I didn't want to be in a full tram again. Also, Saturday is always the busiest day, so getting in the Tram at 9:00~9:30 would have been a small wonder already. So I took the tram at 8.30 and the tram was not even half full. Awesome.

My outfit:
dress: liz lisa
Shoes & Earrings: Swankiss
Rest: offbrand, Claire's

I really liked my outfit. There was one creepy guy who wanted a picture with me and though I was 16? Well, I'm 27.

 This is how her booth looked like. I can only recommend that Doujinshi to you. It is really good and pornlicious.


There were still a lot of people on Sunday but compared to Saturday it was nothing at all.
My outfit:
jsk: angelic pretty dramatic rose
Peignoir: selfmade
headdress: taobao

There was this cool guy in an old uniform. I just had to take a picture of him:

I even had time to take pictures with other friends!

Selfie with Yvy as Hannibal and Aoka.

 And another selfie with Dee and Yvy.

Thank you everyone who visited me/us at the booth. Thank you for your time and thanks for the fun.

I all hope you had a nice LBM or weekend,

I will update with a new (and old) project, so stay tuned,


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