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March 25, 2016

Hello lovelies,

maybe you remember my wip posts from 2013. Well, my friend who cosplayed Radu and I didn't manage to wear these costumes together for three years (since we debuted them on connichi 2013). But this will change!
We are currently re-doing the cosplays and we want to wear them for Animuc next week. I am super excited because I really like the costume except for the details. And I am re-doing the details and I think it looks much better.
I will sick but this is the perfect excuse to lay on the sofa the whole day, cuddle my cats and hand sew all the rhinestones and pearls.
Before starting the cosplay again I counted my orange rhinestones and to my dismay, I didn't have a lot of them left. So I checked for shops in Europe but couldn't find what I wanted. In my distress I checked the shop where I ordered three years ago and they were not only still in business but also still sold the exact same stones I needed. BLESS THEM!
Therefore I ordered three packs of rhinestones on Monday and got them yesterday on Thursday. European sellers might be more expensive but at least I get the ware in under a week.

I am super slow but I am in the process of finishing the crown..
This is how the old one looked like:
It's just pieces of gold leather glued to the crown. It looks okay but I can do better...

And this is the new crown:
 It looks so much better, doesn't it??

I handstitched all the pearls and the beads. Even the gold lace has beads even though they are not really visible.

Of course I also get bored...
She reminds me of a Steven Universe cat, even though I didn't see the show?

I am sitting at work now and this is my next step. I will add pearls to the big sone and small rocailles to the three others. Of course the lace also has to be handstitched but hey, nobody is at work and I can sew all I want. Plus I get paid for that, in a way...

All the best and have a nice weekend,


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