Wip Sakizo again

March 11, 2016

Hi lovelies,

I wasn't very productive this week and I already have my doubts if I can actually finish the cosplay in time. It looks very bad at the moment, but there is nothing I can do about that. University starts next week again plus I still have four days of 8,5hours work.
But it doesn't really bother me. I thought about maybe taking it with me for Dokomi and wear it there.

Hat progress:

I wanted to sew those round bits with my sewing machine but it really didn't work out. They were too small and it was a pain in the butt.
Therefore I sewed the headpiece in one round piece and then just added lace for the round effect.

I made the bottom part of the headpiece three times because I always messed it up. Silly me.

It was again white lace I just sprayed with this wonderful gold colour. It's my new secret weapon. Byebye long Internet searches for the right kind of lace...

Both attached look good already...but then I realised that the top part was a bit too big (again. I remember also doing Anri's headpiece a bit too high).

It's also a bit wobbly at the top. I'll try to fix that in the next days.

The character also has a lace thing on her sides. My folds didn't turn out that nice..

And this is how it looks like worn. All the jewels are still missing and I need to add more lace and probably pearls too, but that was just the basic and the decoration can wait.


Last time I showed off my dress only the bottom part of the frills were attached. I can now proudly present three layers of frills, two attached and one still in the making.
 I will probably stop at four layers and then add the waistband and sew the zip.

Bodice & sleeves:
no update...|D. I am a snail, to say the least...

All the best,


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3 Kommentare

  1. Huii, cool bin auch auf der Dokomi dabei ^-^

    Ich finde die Kopfschmuck bis jetzt nicht schlecht aus, auch wenn der Rüschenteil nicht genug rüschig aussieht aber würde nur die zweites Lage ändern etwas rüschiger und evlt auch die Spitze :)

    Und das mit Sprühfarbe finde ich ne super Idee! :D

  2. Das ist ja super. Weißt du vielleicht ob es am Sonntag ein Lolita meet-up gibt?

    Ich werde wahrscheinlich noch ein bisschen damit experimentieren da es mir auch nicht so gut gefällt XD: Und kürzen werde ich die untere Rüsche bestimmt auch :).

    Danke! Es erleichtert gerade so viel arbeit... XD

  3. Es ist bis jetzt noch nicht geplant der Treffen, aber dafür gibt es die Lolita Modenschau am Sonntag! :)

    und ja glaube ich dir xD ne passender Farbe zu finden ist echt schwer genau wie die Stoffen >_<