Birthday party 2016

March 07, 2016

Hello lovelies,

it was my birthday last Friday! And like every year I did a party. Usually we go to bars or clubs and drink alcohol and stay away late but I feel really old already. Too old for that kind of nonsense. And therefore I had a little tea party instead. Plus, I could be in bed before midnight. Ah, dreams come true.

My theme was pastel and I tried to encourage my friends to dress in pastel colours with flower crowns or cute pins but most of them were too lazy. Pfhhh.

The whole event was held at Little Britain, a cafe at the outskirts of Vienna (nevertheless, you can reach it in 10mins from the city centre by taking the U2 to Krieau).
Little Britain has, as the name suggests, a British theme. You can get scones, tea and hot chocolate. All the cakes are self made and taste delicious.
I wrote a few emails to the owner of the cafe about my reservation and my own birthday cake and she was really nice.

My birthday cake cost 35€ and I thought the price was totally fine. My sister was complaining and told me it was too expensive but I paid for it anyway and not her. The cheesecake was very good, there were cherries between the cream and the cinnamon-bottom.

All the picture seen until now are made by my sister.
I shot the rest with my mobile phone camera. This is why the colour might look a bit different (that, and I used a few filters...)

This was my outfit:
I could finally wear my Florrie avec echos Op from Yolanda.
Necklace: Metamorphose
Rest: offbrand

Matthias and I did a selfie when we were waiting for the guests.
My hand looks so weird, haha.

Matthias and I also got ourselves an etagerie with scones, sandwiches (salmon and cucumber), two sweet treats and fruits.
This plus two pots of tea was just 22€. I really like the cafe.

At the end of the day, a view brave decided to join us for a glass of wine at my place but everyone left before 10pm.
I also got some amazing gifts which I am absolutely grateful for. I am especially fond of my Dita von Teese book.

All the best and have a nice week,


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  1. Du sahst hübsch aus! :)
    Alles Gute nachträglich!