Corded Petticoat

January 12, 2017

Hello lovelies,

no matter if I sew historical fashion or cosplay, I always start with the undergarments. My corset is done already so next in line was a corded petticoat. I went through my data to collect all pictures and noticed that I started this petticoat in May 2016. And it's January 2017 now. At least I finished it now, I guess?
For the skirt I used two layers of cotton fabric and pushed twist cord between it.
The problem with this project is that the skirt is too wide or the cord was too stiff. It gives the desired effect of flaying the skirt but I feel that it would have been better if the skirt was narrower.

I used my zipper foot to sew right next to the cord. What I did is just sew all around the skirt. It took a while and I run out of cord two times.

The measurements were almost 2 meter at the top.

To be honest, I only started new lines because I run out of cord and wanted to start new. Also I thought it wouldn't be that stiff if I left a few centimeters free now and then.

In between I dressed up my doll. I don't know why the skirt looks better here but I guess it has to do with the pleats.

And here is a good comparison between a petticoat with and without corded petticoat.It looks a lot more puffier and rounder.
What I did next is continue sewing the cords, then do the pleats and add the waist tape.
The back is closed with gross grain ribbon.

It keeps the skirt flared but I am not that happy with the project (again). It looks so much better with the larger pleats...

Cost: 6 euro for the fabric. I am not sure how many meters of cord was used but I bought four more packs to the two I had so about 6 packs of cord making it about 13 euro.
Time needed: over the span of 8 months maybe...20 hours? I have no idea.
Satisfaction: 3/5
I don't like how wobbly it is.

All the best,

Aurîs Lothol

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