Larme kei coords

January 17, 2017

Hello lovelies,

I have a few coords to share again but I will only post the first two, so the post won't get too long.
Both outfits are larme coordinates.

The skirt is either from primark or from forever 21, I am not so sure. I bought the top ages ago from a chinese shop. I think the choker was from primark.
I like this outfit and in general the combination pink and black. Or pink and white. Everything with pastel and black or white.
Reblog it from tumblr

The second coordinate is all in black. I wanted to go for an e hyphen world gallery bonbon or Risa Nakamura look. The hair is a little bit messy though because of the strong wind and snow we had that day.
The dress is from Terranova and the rest is either another brand I forgot or offbrand.
The tumblr post can be found here. 

All the best,

Aurîs Lothol

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3 Kommentare

  1. I really love the first outfit! I'm always scared of mixing dark and light colors together.. but you made it work really well!

    1. Thank you!
      And don't worry about mixing, I think it always looks great <3.

  2. I love your hair!