Edwardian dress form

May 05, 2017

Hello lovelies,

today (and tomorrow) is the annual flea market located at Neubaugasse in Vienna. There is a booth for everything and it's an especially good place to find vintage fashion and items.
It was there when I stumbled upon this amazing mannequin/dress form from the Edwardian era. It's probably from the 1900s?

The fabric is ripped a bit at the top and bottom and there is a water (?) stain on the right bottom.

Pictures of the front and side.
One foot of three is missing but I added a peg. Now it's perfect.

To be honest, I think the doll is in an okay condition and definitely useful for sewing edwardian corsets. I paid 80€ for this baby and I think I made a great deal. I bought my "normal" sewing mannequin for 100€.
The measurements are
Bust: 86cm/~33"
Waist: 60cm/~23"
Hip: 98cm/~38"

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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