Head piece to bow

May 08, 2017

Hello lovelies,

I bring you another tutorial!
This time I turned a head band/head piece into a hair bow.
I think the head band style is very old school lolita, too old school for me. I couldn't find the matching hair bow for this specific Metamorphose dress on the internet so I just made my own.

This is what you need:
a pair of fabric scissors
your stitching scissor
needle and thread
sewing machine
a ruler
and a hair pin of your choice.

This was my starting point.

Step 1.
Cut open all the seams. I prefer to use the scissors rather than the seam ripper, but that is your choice.
If there is lace, separate it from the fabric too. 

Step 2. Cut away the round ends, if you have any. 

Step 3. Add your lace. Remember, the bottom part of the lace (the nice triangle piece in my case) should face the inside. Also add more lace to the sides by folding them a bit. 

Step 4. Leave open a gap of about 6cm. Then either sew the lace in place or pin both pieces together and then sew. I had about 0,5cm sewing allowance. 

Step 5. Cut the edges but be careful not to cut away too much. Step 6. Turn over, then close the gap with a top stitch.

Step 7 Cut off a 10cm band and pin the seams. Then sew it with very tiny stitches. Or, cut two 10cm bands, put them together with the right side inside, sew, then turn around. 

Step 8.
Find the middle of the fabric then fold up the edges. Bind them with the band, pin and sew it.

Step 9.
Glue/sew on the clip you prefer and you are done.

Any questions?

Find the full video on my youtube channel.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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