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May 10, 2017

Hello lovelies,

two weeks ago Innocent world had a golden week fair. They had a few dresses (4-6?) with a really cheap flat price. It was a hard struggle between three of the dresses but in the end I bought the chiffon tulle jsk in beige.

This picture of lolibrary only has the black version of it. 

For the dress I paid: 4.000Yen without taxes, 4320Yen with taxes
Shipping with EMS: 2.200Yen
The sum comes to a total of 6520Yen which at that day was 57,28€. 
Sadly my streak of not paying import taxes was set back to zero as I had to pay an addition fee of 21,15€.
Adding that to the final sum I paid 78,43€. SO CHEAP. The original price of the dress was 24.800Yen so I definitely made a good deal. 

The dress came in an extra Innocent world plastic bag. 
The dress was then packed in plastic again. What I like about IW is that they send you a free hanger. And I am always out of hangers. 

And here are all the picture I made of the dress.

The fabric of the dress is really super soft. I also like the lace and the simplicity of the dress. I can think of so many combinations with that dress! 

How do you like it?

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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