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June 28, 2017

Hello lovelies,

last Saturday M. and I went out to eat and afterwards look at some art in the Art history museum in Vienna. We both have an annual pass, it was not cheap but after two times going to the museum it already pays off.

We ate a late lunch at Fusan, a Japanese restaurant near the museum. It is one of my sister's favourite and we have been there a lot. The quality of the food is always very good and the price is pretty decent too.

I ordered a bento box and an extra set of rainbow maki. It was so much to eat and I managed to only leave over 3 maki.

M. hat duck in a bowl of rice and salad. He is still talking about the crispiness of the duck today.

This time we were at the ancient history part with pieces from the Egyptian, Roman, and Greek history. I was fascinated by the hairdo of some of the female roman busts. Their hair was so intricately braided and curled, it was amazing.
Afterwards we stumbled on to some pieces from the 16th to 18th hundred.

At first I thought he had tentacles. haha.
Afterwards we sat down at the Cafe and drank some tea. The architectural design of this area is so beautiful.
It is too bad that my pictures doesn't give it credit.

My outfit for that day, due to the heat, was simple.

Blouse: Magic tea party
Skirt: La petite fille
Shoes: rosemarie seoir
Necklace: Metamorphose temps de fille

More pictures made at home.

 M. made my hairdo and the pictures.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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