My lolita year 2018

January 24, 2019

Hello lovelies,

I gave up on tumblr after 17th of December because they implemented a nsfw ban. Usually my top 10 lolita outfits came from there but I decided to make my own top 10 and showcase my favourite coords from last year. The order is chronologically.

 This coord is from March, I made the dress myself and paired it with dreamV shoes and a secret honey blouse. I think I only went shopping and for lunch that day and didn't wear it for a meet-up.

 This one is from March too. I tried to come up with the tackiest, OTT princess coord but in the end it still looked so toned down. The dress and tights are from Angelic Pretty, shoes are DreamV again and the wrist cuffs are from bodyline.
 And the last coord from March, it was a very busy lolita month. I wore this outfit for the CD release party of an Austrian lolita band duo. The dress is from Innocent world, blouse is secret honey again and I am not sure of the tights.

 I wore this for the Lolita Teekränzchen in April. It was near Schloss Belvedere so i decided to go there for a stroll and take some nice pictures. The dress is from a taobao brand, the rest is offbrand.
 Hello May. I wore this outfit for a j-fashion bring and buy. Dress is from a taobao brand again but the shoes are from rosemarie seoir.

 My sister, M. and I went to a cute Cafe in June and that was my coordinate. The dress is from Magic tea party.
 And June again. I count that as a lolita coord and it was my version of a Hufflepuff lolita. I wore it for a Harry Potter convention it Austria. The dress, overdress and even the hat are handmade.

I wore this bonnet on two different occasions in July so July is official big bonnet month. The outfit was worn for another lolita teekränzchen. I think all items except for the bag are taobao or offbrand.

And suddenly we are in September because that was my coord for the Angelic Pretty tea party at Connichi. Dress is Angelic pretty of course but the bag is from Innocent world and the shoes are from DreamV. The bolero is handmade.

Another witch hat? Can only be Halloween month, I mean, October. I wore this for a j-fashion meet up in little Britain. I am not sure darker coords suit me. The dress is from Souffle Song, it is a bit big because I got the wrong size.

What is your favourite coord from 2018?

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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