March 2019 OOTD

June 23, 2019

Hello lovelies,

late but better than never, here are my coordinates for March.

 My outfit for the lolita teekränzchen, the separate post about this monthly event is here.
Dress: Quaint Lass
Shoes: Rosemarie Seoir

Otome Kei/Casual Lolita for my birthday lunch with my mother.
Dress: AA
Shoes: DreamV
Blouse: Ank Rouge

This is actually one of my favourite casual dresses because it has Disney princesses on them. I bought it in Tokyo and it was on sale. It was a super lucky find.
Dress and blouse: Secret Honey
Shoes: Liz lisa
Hairbow: Jesus Diamante

I tried a ballerina-ish coordinate because it is quite invisible on the picture but the dress actually has a ballet shoes print.
Jsk: Taobao brand (I think they already closed)
Shoes: Rosemarie seoir
Peignoir: Vintage

 The dress is perfect for a hot no blouse weather. The shoulders are warm but there is no blouse and no second layer of fabbric.
Dress: Taobao
Shoes: Rosemarie seoir
Which outfit is your favourite for this month?

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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