Lace Tissue

July 06, 2019

Hello lovelies,

I always had a dust mite allergy and every morning I would wake up and sneeze. It gradually grew worse and then suddenly, a few years ago I also had to sneeze when I was out of the house. It turned out I also developed an allergy to grass, pollen and birch. Fantastic.
My use of tissues got out of hand and usually I go through a pack in a few days. Sustainable? Not really. But what to do? I need tissues.
I remembered that my grandparents used fabric tissues and actually before the paper tissue industry everybody used fabric tissues. If I could just make myself a few or buy some, I could stop buying paper tissues and maybe help the environment a bit. And because I would need a fancy tissue, why not also add some lace? Usually that is only optional but this is the best way to look fancy and let's be honest, sneezing into a lace tissue while wearing your fancy lolita outfit just looks better than the plain old paper tissue.

I have a wonderful lace crocheting book from Japan and followed the instructions with a few alterations.

It also didn't really take me long, I sat in a Cafe around the corner and crocheted away with good cake and coffee.

After I finished the lace I pinned it to a cork board.

I then realized that this tissue will be a very tiny one as I measured out the sides (which were about 14cm). I cut out some linen from my leftover stash and inserted it. Or rather pinned the lace over it.

In the last step I hand sewed the lace onto the tissue with a whip stitch so that it will also keep the fabric from fraying on the backside.

And that was it. It didn't even take me a full day to do this and I am very proud of my tiny tissue, even though M. made fun of it's size.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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