Teekränzchen August 2019

September 28, 2019

Hello lovelies,

late as always I bring you the August Teekränzchen.
We went to one of my favourite coffee shops in Vienna called Dirt Water. It is a cafe and an NGO, that means that all of the profit goes to water projects in poor countries. The food is amazing, very fresh and local, and they also boycott nestle, which is a huge plus. I remember sitting there the first time with M. and we wondered if we should get coffee with condensed milk but didn't order it because most of the time the restaurants use nestle. A costumer at the next table asked for the wifi password and the waiter told him, it's "fuck nestle". Perfect.
The owner of the restaurant asked us beforehand if we liked cheesecake and strawberry cake because these were the cakes of the day. That was so kind, I am pretty sure that if we had a problem with it, that they'd changed the cakes for us.

dirt water, cake, vienna
Very brown cheesecake but super delicious

The service was a bit slow at times but they told us at the beginning and therefore it was no problem and we chatted away while waiting.

lolita teekränzchen, lolita fashion, kawaii fashion, jfashion, glam, gothic lolita austria
A few people had left already because we were a few more.

I wore a dress from a taobao brand called dream magical, before leaving I changed the shoes because I felt the white once looked nicer. The blouse is from Angelic Pretty and the hair bow is also from dream magical.

dream magical, lolita fashion, lolita, jfashion, kawaii, auris lothol
dream magical, lolita fashion, lolita, jfashion, kawaii, auris lothol, angelic pretty

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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