Afternoon tea and shopping

October 04, 2019

Hello lovelies,

the Austrian lolita group organized a small afternoon tea and shopping event, limited to 30P max. It took place on the 1st of September in Cafe Landtmann, a wonderful location in the heart of Vienna.
Mystic Alice was the official vendor but we also had items from Saki's forestglade jewelry and Violet Fane. I loved the bags from Mystic Alice but I had a tight budget for that event and in the end I only got a brooch.

M. was not at the event but he loves Violet Fane brooches so I bought him two. I think he already bought the rest of the series and he only missed these.

The brooches from Mystic alice were so cute, I just love historic portraits.

There were sandwiches and small sweet treats on every table and we all pigged out because the waiters always brought more. We also had one cold and one warm drink included. I got the watermelon lemonade and it was so good.

There was a folder again for the valentines card and I received so many sweet ones. I was really touched! Thank you so much.

My outfit got second place at the contest but there were three other girls as well who got second place. haha. My favourite outfit that day also got first place, it was well deserved.
I wore library lady from Haenuli with the self-made hair piece I made (see the post about it here). The print is so pretty, I was so lucky to get it at the last reservation round when Haenuli closed. It is so sad that she stopped doing Lolita clothes.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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