Medieval festival Eggenburg 2019

September 19, 2019

Hello lovelies,

a few weeks ago M. and I visited the medieval festival in Eggenburg, a small and quaint town in lower Austria. The town hosts the biggest annual medieval festival in Austria and in my opinion, also the best.
M. and I took the train which brought us there in an hour. The weather was really bad and it rained occasionally.
I wore my new red front laced kirtle made out of linen underneath a sideless surcote with real fur and blue/gold fleur de lis fabric. It didn't take me a long time to make the kirtle but I think I have been doing the sideless surcote for more than a year. I am so happy I finally finished the dress in time for the big event.
The dress is fashioned after a painting of Marie of Brabant at her wedding with Philipp III of France.

The horned headdress and the style how it was worn is a combination of different portrait and busts.
Diebold Schilling, Spiezer Chronik / p. 112
Lusterweibchen Ulm
I never shared how I made the horned hennin, probably because they cost me about 5 years of my life. I remade them so many times, I have no idea how I managed to finish it. The horned hennin is made of green velvet, gold cord and real pearls. The inner layer is a stiff cotton and I filled the horn with wadding to make it stand on its own.

I asked M. to pin the veil to head but he accidently pushed it to the back and pinned it there. I just found out when all the pictures where done and I didn't want to redo them. Oh well, never mind then.

I didn't want to wear my expensive medieval shoes because of the rain and mud and wore modern boots instead. It didn't really make a difference because after a few minutes of walking in the rain, the hem of the dress and the shoes were soaking wet. Yuck.

This year we missed the knights tournament again and most of the other program points we wanted to go to because we found friends and just chatted away. And afterwards we pigged out at the shops and spent so much money.
I bought the items above from Sigurds - Riemer und Gürtler. Compared to other shops this one was super cheap. One turtle brooch was 5€, usually you pay about 20€ for one.

The items at the bottom where bought at Mehi Mercatus. They have a lot of items especially for reenactment and Lagerleben/Medieval camps. I bought a black knife from them two years ago, and this year I got a scissor at the HGM summer event.

As for the food part, at these kind of events I love to get the unhealthiest or fattiest or sweetest food. Sometimes also a combination of all three. This year M. and I had Blunzngröstl, a kind of black pudding with potatoes and onions, langos with extra garlic, turkish honey, caramel bites and caramelized almonds. And don't forget the huge Baumkuchen!

We left the event at 5pm, just as it was starting to rain again. I hope the weather will be better next year.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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