August 2019 OOTD

October 11, 2019

Hello lovelies,

I am quickly catching up to all of my posts due to the fact, that I started to post every week.
It is a bit exhausting and maybe I will tone it down a bit when university starts again.
August was stressful, we were knee-deep in the renovation of our flat and had already painted the walls when our new furniture arrived on the 2nd of August and everything was a mess. We had to live with our old and new furniture at the same time for a few weeks.

I tried to do pictures with the new furniture in the back but it didn't look nice at all. Therefore I am using my doors again as backdrop.
lolita fashion, auris lothol

lolita fashion, auris lothol

lolita group, picture, lolita fashion, eglcommunity, auris lothol

My outfit for the Teekränzchen. I only changed the shoes before going out because I didn't like how they looked in the pictures.

M. and I got an annual pass for the art history museum and we snapped some pictures.
lolita fashion, auris lothol, eglcommunity,

lolita fashion, auris lothol, eglcommunity,
lolita fashion, auris lothol, eglcommunity,
I like this picture because this is how I imagine other people, non-lolitas, see us. Haha.

auris lothol, selfie
Here is a selfie from the Roman festival in Carnuntum. It was a bit weird, especially the shuttle-bus which did not commute after 4pm even though the festival ended at 6pm. In the end we had to jog to the train station to catch our train, and it was a very long walk. I don't think I'll go there next year.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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