Halloween decoration

January 17, 2020

Hello lovelies,

Halloween is way over again and I am super late or early for next year.

This American hyped tradition has much darker and older roots in Ireland and is not usually celebrated in Austria. But the next day is all saints day (1st of November) and a national holiday. Maybe because the next day is free and you can party all night long with a reason is why this tradition is slowly gaining popularity among the kids and youths. We even got trick or treaters the last three years!

In my attempt to add some Halloween spirits to our decoration in- and outdoor I decided to go with something embroidered. And I found these amazing linen ribbons and thought, why not.
halloween, embroidery, sticken, auris lothol
 M. had to borrow me a book about calligraphy because my handwriting was not compatible for stitching. And it somehow worked. The letters are not 100% even but that's fine.

halloween, embroidery, sticken, auris lothol
 Not sure if the witch's hat is recognizable. I kind of used a pinterest embroidery picture as inspiration:

All of these symbols didn't fit onto the ribbon I also didn't want to do a direct 1:1 copy.
But I think my ribbon looks alright.

halloween, embroidery, sticken, auris lothol

halloween, embroidery, sticken, auris lothol
I didn't manage to do a ribbon for Christmas but maybe if I start early enough I'll manage one next year.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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