October 2019 OOTD

January 10, 2020

Hello lovelies,

here are the pictures of my October outfits, maybe I can wrap them up soon as it is 2020 already. I hope the charleston and swing music get popularity again. And I really want to go to a 20s party this year as it is just fitting.

October was quite warm this year and I still wore summer outfits. I am not going into a climate change is real discussion because how can anyone not see or feel it.

This was my outfit for our Lolita Teekränzchen. The post for it will follow in two weeks.
Jsk: Violet Fane
Hat: self made

 My cat looks like she wants to kill me.

My outfit for the bring and buy, the post about it is here.
op: r-series
shoes: bodyline
socks: liz lisa

This is what I wore for a fabric fair. It was super small and not really worth the 7€ entrance fee but I have the feeling that it will just grow in size. Maybe next year will be bigger and have more program.
Jsk: Leur Getter
Top: Vintage

Mirror selfie because I was in a hurry. I met a friend from work and we went for dinner at an Eastern restaurant and the food was so good. I especially loved their falafel.
Jsk: Sky rose
Shoes: Primark
Sadly a strap from the shoe ripped and I had to through them away.
Have a great weekend,

Auris Lothol

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