Tambour Embroidery

January 03, 2020

Hello lovelies and welcome to 2020,

last October and November I went to a class in tambour embroidery and I fell in love with this craft.
It was a bit tricky at first but after 8 weeks I felt pretty sure already.
My teacher was super nice and a real artist, I can only recommend her instagram page. She is a gifted artist and also knits and does jewelry.

The first lesson was all about the basic and I started off with a few basic back and forth stitches. To be honest, it was not that easy at first. You had to come to terms with the needle and the threading first. It took a while but I practiced at home and somehow it worked out after a few hours. I was just so slow.

Afterwards we already started with pearls from the top and then from the back.

The filling stitch was the last for October and in November we started with sequins from both side (not something I enjoyed because it took ages).

Afterwards we made the first real attempt at a brooch, a fish brooch.

In between I made a small table cloth with a christmas theme for my mother.

And for a friend I made a bee brooch.

I tried to do a strawberry but it didn't work out that well.

What I especially like about that type of embroidery is that it is really delicate and uses a lot of pearls and beads which makes the fabric look super expensive and rich.
The worst part of this is that there is no written step-by-step book. If I want to learn even more about this type of embroidery I have to go to even more classes.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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