Cross-stitch embroidery

October 23, 2020

Hello lovelies,

a couple of weeks ago I visited a cross-stitch embroidery class at the Art-VHS in Vienna. It was a tiny group with four people plus a teacher (because of Corona) and we sat outside in the backyard and enjoyed one of the last real hot days. We decided to do a cat as our first project and I chose to do the cat in black. In the end, it reminded me so much of my new cat devil that I later on added Maja and then Sheila, the other new cat.
embroidery hoop with papers and a dmc metal box

The hoop frame, course materials, needles and thread and the tin box was included in the price. I was delighted because DMC fabric and yarn is not cheap. But the teacher also told us, we could always get materials cheaper if we buy from him. I guess I have a new thread dealer. 

halfway through a cross-stitch embroider black cat
The letter as work in progress.
cross stitch embroider black cat and name of the cat, devil

I made this in about 90 mins and I was very proud of myself. 

At home I continued and added Maja and afterwards Sheila.

a gray and black cat with the name, sheila

cross stitch embroidery of three cats

I had done some cross-stitch embroidery before so the how-to was not new, but I did get a lot of tips on how to make your own pattern. To be honest, I think cross-stitch embroidery is the easiest form of embroidery. Tambour and white-work embroidery were much more challenging, at least for me. 

black maine coon cat, devil

The new cats, devil and sheila are both adopted from the shelter and are not only sister but also seniors as both of them are probably 11 years old. The shelter took them from a bad home and they didn't really know their ages. Sheila is in excellent health, devil has problems with her teeth and the vet pulled most of them last Friday. 

red and white fluffy cat


Maja is not happy about the fact that she has two older sister now and she occasionally gets in a fight them. I hope they compromise a bit and try to live together peacefully, but Maja behaves like a spoilt brat so I guess it will take some more time. 

sleepy gray maine coon cat
Compare to the other two quite dominant cats, Sheila is the shyest but also cuddliest. She frequently hides for a long time, just to come out and demanding all the cuddling she can get. When I am doing home office she stays at my side most of the time. 
All the best,

Auris Lothol 

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