July + August 2020 OOTD

November 20, 2020

Hello lovelies, 

autumn is upon us and with it is Halloween Season and Halloween month. 
But before that, I still haven't shared my coordinates for July and August.
July was quite busy and I only have a few coordinates. I took vacation for two weeks and most of the time I was indoor and played assassin's creed odyseey in my comfy disney house dresses.
The dress is not really visible in this coffee house shot, but it is from Axes femme. I can't remember why we went to creme de la creme but the cakes were excellent, as always.
auris sitting in a cafe and showing off her piece of cake


This strawberry dress just screams summer in my opinion. I love to wear it even though it is 100% polyester and not breathable. It's from Liz Lisa and I bought it off a friend.

auris taking a selfie in an elevator and wearing a strawberry dress from liz lisa

Usually I wear this sky rose dress only once a year. I have clothes that I wear a lot and then I have dresses I only feel like wearing once a year. But I try to go through my dresses at least once a year.

auris doing a mirror selfie with a white and pink dress from sky rose

The dress is from a second-hand store from the philippines (ukay-ukay) and I really enjoyed shopping there. I found so many cute dresses and cardigans.

auris taking a selfie with a snow bunny filter with round glasses, wearing a blue and white polka dot satin dress

I had a bit more motivation in August to dress up because I didn't play assassin's creed all day long anymore. To be honest I really loved the game and recently I bought the seasons pass just so that I can play even more. I love Kassandra and I really would love to have even more time with her.
The dress is from swankiss and it kinda looks like a cheerleader uniform. I combined it with a shell bag and shell shoes from DreamV.
auris wearin a swankiss dress

I received Violet Fane's memento mori dress. My stocking came extra about a month later and therefore I couldn't wear it yet. The print is so lovely, it is a shame that it is not visible as much on the pictures.

auris wearing a black dress by violet fane

The dress is another one from Swankiss, the bag is from Rosemarie Seoir. I really love their ballet shoes prints.

auris wearing a swankiss dress and a rosemarie seoir bag

This dress is new as well and I kind of did a more religious coord because of the angels print. My halo arrived just in time and I just draped a small veil over it.

auris wearing a lolita jsk with angels, a halo and a veil over it

When I bent down to cuddle the cat, M. did a picture and it kind of looks like a re-creation of the pieta. A bit, at least.

pieta recreation with auris and her cat maja

I swear, I really spent time ironing this dress. Even if it really doesn't look like it. I was at the tram station and had to go back because I couldn't remember if I had turned off the iron.

auris wearing a pink swankiss dress and a straw hat

I wore this look for work, usually I try to not wear anything too pink at work because it is too flashy. But nobody cared anyway. The bag is a huge shopper from Lena Hoschek. It is so heavy but I have no idea why.

auris doing a mirror selfie and wearing a pink sky rose dress

This coordinate is based around the pink ribbon socks I bought. I have no idea were the dress is from because I bought it over glitzywonderland and it was just titled as pisces lolita dress. The shoes are from rosemarie seoir.

auris wearing a lolita dress

I have been too stressed busy with sewing to update my blog regularly, but I have a bit of a vacation coming up, and I hope, I can write a bit more. 

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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