Regency cap

December 12, 2020


Hello lovelies, 

I wanted to make a nice cap after the Regency dress I finished but it was so hard to find surviving extants and pictures in general. I dove into museums and libraries that shared their collection for free online.

In the end I found a cap I especially liked from the Riksmuseum, located in the Netherlands. follow the link here to go there.

small portraits of women wearing regency caps

 It was published in the magazine "Magazine of Female Fashions of London and Paris, No.31.2, London Head Dresses" around 1800. This cap especially caught my eye:

I liked how the hair was not completely hidden underneath the cap and there was a kind of veil over the eyes.I immediately set to work and made about 5 different mock-ups before I found the pattern I liked.

white cotton mock up of a regency cap

white cotton mock up of a regency cap

white cotton mock up of a regency cap

Normally I only do one mock up and it fits, at least for modern or lolita clothing. But for historical clothing I always find myself doing mock-up after mock-up because it is not quite right. It stresses me because I have the feeling that I just can't do it properly. I remember also doing about 5 mock-ups of my Edwardian corset before it finally fit. But it cost me a lot of time and nerves. 

I bought a very fine cotton fabric at my favourite fabric store for the base. I still had see-through but stiff silk for the veil. I made the mock up with cotton and tulle, but felt the tulle didn't look good enough. 

And here is the finished look.


The full description plus a sewing pattern is available on my patreon for patrons from 5€+. So if this interests you, you can support me there: Patreon

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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