September - November 2021 OOTD

February 12, 2021


Hello lovelies,

sorry for the lack of updates, I am currently super stressed with pretty much everything. Workwise its hell at the moment and instead of working 40h I usually work between 50-60 hours each week. I am hitting my breaking point fast and I will probably quit anytime soon. 

But let's get to the good stuff, the coordinates from September and November. As it is already February I am as always super late. But I am trying to film a lot more for youtube and instagram and trying to push it. And this is so much work. Plus I still need to write my first Bachelor thesis (of four).

So, what were my outfits in these three months?


I spontainously decided to colour my hair pink at the hair dresser at the beginning of September. I yearned for some change and as I didn't really leave the house and didn't go to the office anymore, I had the feeling that now was the perfect time to get my hair in a weird colour; nobody would really see it.

This was right after the hair dresser. I wore my fox dress in mint. Not really my colour but the foxes were so cute.

My innocent world dress combined with a bonnet and new tights. They actually have flower and portraits on them but sadly, it is not really visible.

The dress is from Magic tea party. I didn't want to combine it with a bolero because it was a hot day. Instead, I just wore a light scarf and suddenly the outfit looked like a Russian grandmother. But I did like the combination. 


Halloween month and I didn't even had my halloween week off because of work, nor did we have a party because of the covid restrictions. Instead M. and I spent the night watching a horror movie. 

This was a rare day at the office. Of course I had to wear my brand new Liz Lisa pullover. 

Ignore my shoes, those are my current house shoes. But this is also the newest Strawberry dress I got from Liz Lisa. I love how cute it looks.

I am not a fan of the following look because the light or my make-up look so off.

But I am here with my Cat Devil, at least she fits the Halloween theme and the door perfectly. 

The dress is from Abyss Museum and the last time I wore it was for the Halloween teaparty in Vienna. It had been quite some time. The bonnet is from Angelic Pretty. I really love it but the sides tend to flap terribly.

The hufflepuff dress is one of my favourites. And it fit the Halloween month perfectly again, as does Maja. She is definitely the most photogenic cat in this household. I couldn't get a decent picture with Sheila at all. She is super scared of everything. 


In November I also only had two coordinates, but once again I got to wear my newest dress.

SHOCKING! Another cat dress. Who would have guessed? I pre-ordered this dress from Emily temple cute in July or August and received it in November. It is such a cute dress, I am really happy I decided to buy it. Shoes are from Bodyline and the bonnet is actually a very old opne from Alice and the pirates.

Maja is my special guest is almost every month. But I can't help it, she is so cute. I just want the world to see her. 

The dress is from Metamorphose, the overskirt from Mighty Kingdom, the shoes from Rosemarie seoir and the wrist cuffs from Bodyline. I made the round head-dress myself two years or three years ago. 

I hope you enjoyed it, check out my youtube or support me on patreon for more special content!

Have a great weekend,

Auris Lothol

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