October - December OOTD 2021

April 15, 2022



Hello lovelies,

with this post I am officially done with posting my coords from 2021. As it's almost May again, I am way behind again, but I am slowly getting there. Baby steps!

I don't have a lot of coords for these three months because I tend to be super lazy in the winter months and more active in the summer months. Reasons for that may have been all the stress at work and a cold flat. We only had about 19°c because we refuse to spend more money for heating.


The only lolita coord I wore in October was for the lolita teekränzchen witch meet-up.

One picture is made by a professional photographer, the other one is made from a mobile phone. Can you guess, which one? haha.  

I wore my Hufflepuff dress and the new Innocent world items for this coord. I am still not fond of myself in black.


two coords month. At least one more than last month. 

I still had the halloween decoration hanging in November but I think it fit the black/pink combination of this cat dress very well. The dress was bought in October via lacemarket from a spanish seller and I just love how cute the print is. But I think all cat dresses are cute. 

The next coord screams summer and strawberries. In November? I guess I really wanted it to be warm and sunny again. I also look like a character from Rune Factory or Harvest Moon!


For December I have got nothing. I was so lazy, maybe this post should not be called ootd but sad three coords for three months. 

I just got this picture from shopping at an outlet center wearing the rabbit teeth dress. Oh well, at least I have more coords now. 

Sorry for that short post, the next coords post will be more and better. 

Have a great weekend!

Auris Lothol

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