October-November OOTD 2022

March 24, 2023


Hello lovelies, 

I am late once again for my outfit of the day from October and November. With temperatures dropping in Vienna, it's tempting to just hibernate and forget about fashion altogether.


I tried out mirror selfies again but the pictures don't turn out so nice, i don't know what other people do so that theirs look better :/. Meh. Dress is from Swankiss. 

It's spoopy month October and I wore my Violet Fane dress again. I think it suits the Halloween theme perfectly. It's also super rare for me to wear black, because I just don't like the colour on me. Also, the socks have a cat face on them. hehe

Halloween month is also time for my hufflepuff dress. I know that JK Rowling is very problematic and I try to not give her any more of my money but that doesn't mean I will throw away the HP themed dresses. I had to do the pictures myself and the quality of the pictures suffered greatly. Also I'm wearing the flat rectnagle headdressthe first time in in probably 15 years! I'm old. lol.

October was a super busy month because I have a few more coords for you!
Casual mirror selfie with a blue dress and a plush powder pink jacket. It's super soft and warm. The shoes are from Swankiss again and are very high and heavy, like really heavy. But the soles glitter!
Next is a more playful coord with my axes femme dress and brown details and of course, pigtails. While I like the hairstyle, I'm not that comfortable wearing it outside of my home as I feel for others it has a kind of weird inclination? I don't know.
Red roses and bear socks. Nothing can go wrong with this combination!
I call this my cinderella dress because it's long and blue and I feel fabulous in it. I combined it with a vintage lace bralette on top and it looks amazing.

 It really doesn't look like a bralette, does it?

Another mirror coord with my lolita dress and rosemarie seoir shoes.
I also wore this cat dress again with pigtails and a big bow. I think long dresses look a bit weird on me because I am so tiny and the skirt part is just so long. I thought about cutting it but....I can't do it.
I launched my store at Animarket 2022 and wore my newest addition to my wardrobe, this pink angelic pretty dress I bought in Paris.
The pictures I made after the market were horrible because of the light but at least I got some nice pictures from the market.
And that was my outfit for Halloween 2022. I tried to get into the dead aristocrat vibe with a drawn slash wound on my new - I think it turned out nice. The dress is actually from the elsa cosplay I did a few years back.


I don't have any pictures for November...oops. I was probably too lazy to dress up and as it got colder in the flat, I probably stayed in my pyjamas all day long. After every active month is a super slow one, lol.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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