Cherry blossoms

April 14, 2023


Hello lovelies, 

Kirschblütenheim at Donauinsel in Vienna is a must-see destination during the cherry blossom season. The cherry grove was designed by the renowned Japanese artist group "to the woods" in collaboration with the city of Vienna's Department 49 back in 2002. The Kirschblütenheim is a part of the 1,000 Japanese cherry trees gifted to the city of Vienna on the occasion of Austria's 1,000th anniversary.

These stunning cherry trees beautifully bloom with crimson flowers every year from mid to late April, making it an idyllic spot for visitors and nature lovers. This unique and breathtaking art space is a reinterpretation of the traditional Japanese garden, and it is a symbol of the strong bond between Austria and Japan.

A year ago, I visited the Kirschblütenheim at Donauinsel in Vienna during the cherry blossom season. It was a day filled with sunshine, but don't be fooled, it was super cold and windy and we enjoyed a picnic amidst the cute pink blossoms. We also took some photos to capture the moment.

Recently, I received the photos from the photographer, and they are truly stunning. These photos perfectly capture the beauty of the cherry blossom. 

This is one of my favourite.

All hail the cherry blossom overlords!


This is also great. I looks so romantic

Photographer: Souly/Blur of colour on Instagram

Behind the scenes picture - as I said, it was cold as balls.


Pictures will be on sale on etsy, as signles but also as a set. So be quick if you want one!
I hope you had fun with these pictures and have a great weekend,

Auris Lothol

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