Lace exhibition in Göllersdorf

June 14, 2024


Hello lovelies, 

on Sunday the 6th of April we attended the fourth Weinviertler laceday in Göllersdorf, a small quaint village in lower Austria. It coincided with the Vienna city marathon but this time, in a very positive way. As the streets were closed behind us, there were almost no cars going at Gürtel and it only took us about 40mins. A feet that is never accomplished with the usual thick traffic at Gürtel.

car roadtrip

 Here is the invitation from the Austrian Bobbin lace club/Österreichischer Klöppelverein. It mentiones the exhibition, shopping, a lecture and buffet.

As we entered the location, the elementary school of Göllersorf, we were a bit surprised how many people attended. It was not full but there were groups of people standing here and there. But we were definitely one of the youngest around.

picture of the elementary school in göllersdorf
The first room we saw had wonderful old lace examples, most of them from the private collection of my bobbin lace teacher F.

gold bobbin lace doily

This is straw btw.

Look at that lace cape! Isn't it adorable? I wonder how many hours this took.


As we made our way to two more rooms we also found examples of modern lace, doilies, figures, pictures and jewelry. It's simply amazing what you can do with some bobbins and thread.


We also attended the lecture by F. and it was all about flowers and florals in lace throughout history, a very interesting topic. 

Afterwards we went down into the cellar where all the shops were located. And of course we bought books. And thread and I even got a bobbin with the pearls I always wanted - they are British or at least, English styled and not used in Austria at all. I always se them on English bobbin lace sites and find them to be the height of bobbin style.

We bought three books, two about bobbin lace (Valenciennes and Blütengrüße) and one about needle lace Aemilia Ars.


This in the picture is a mobile bobbin lace bag. I was so tempted to buy one but it was 150€, maybe I will buy it later as it is super practical for lace making. Not the best for anything else though, especially round or bigger patterns.

We left the exhibition full with lace on our minds and satisfied about our small excursion and hope to be back next year.

A video will follow soon but I'm still way behind.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

klöppeln, Göllersdorf, Spitzen

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  1. Oh wow, this is amazing. I've never thought much about lace, really, but wow. That dandelion piece in particular was amazing!