Steampunk update

December 04, 2015

Hi lovelies,

after my Steampunk costume debacle I started a new one from scratch. It is all in white now with brown decoration and I think it is much better than the other black one I had.
It is more of a ball gown or evening gown than a day dress but I was told to just do a victorian costume and we didn't specify what exactly, so I think it is okay.

I got some white satin left from my Hungary cosplay and it was enough for this costume, as I only made the overdress out of white satin. The top is made out of white fake leather.

The skirt is worn over a small butt cushion ( I forgot the name) and cut evenly. It was a bit of a mess to get the skirt even but it worked out. I still have to sew on the frills. The picture is too blurry for making out details but the frills were hand pleated and sewn. I had to do it because the sewing machine hates this fabric. But all in all it took up too much time.

 This is the close-up of the small pleats. I still have to secure them tightly, as they still wander about .

For the top, instead of pearls like in the Hungary cosplay, I used small belt like decoration.
I made them myself too. Right is the finished one and left is without the seams yet.

And this is how it looked like with their counterparts. i think it looks good and I liked the design.

And this is how it looks like with the rest of the top sewn on.

And a close up. I used a bigger stitch for the leather parts because they are double-layered.

Lucky for me, I still have two full days and a few hours after work to finish the costume. And I still have to add a lot of decoration to make it more steampunk-y.

Have a nice weekend,


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