WIP again

June 28, 2016

Hello lovelies,

I am a  bit surprised I didn't blog about my wip earlier, as I have been working on it for quite a long time now.

The staff is made out of wire, polymer clay, pearls, and various other items.

 After everything was assembled it got spray painted.

The large crystal was actually a knob from Butlers. I coloured it with copix and used it for the wand.
The flowers were made in a form.

And this is the finished result:
I found out too late that the gem should be green instead of puple. I will still change it but for the moment, this is my finished wand.
FINALLY. It took me ages and ate a lot of nerves.


The belt is up and is ready for sewing. Afterwards I need to do another layer of ruffles and then I can finally finish the skirt by sewing in the zip.

I got myself iron wire, hard to bend and very sturdy, for the frame. To be honest, it was a bit too sturdy and therefore I had to do the small circle out of a thinner wire.

My cat likes to photobomb my things. She does this every single time.

I bent the wire and fixed it with tape. Afterwards I added the circles. To may shame the circles are not really symmetrical.

That was the first draft. I was quite happy with it and only changed a bit.

Afterwards I covered everything with a cream coloured chiffon fabric. And my covering it I meant hand-stitching everything.

The left side was done and I had some time left before working to try out the fit again. Afterwards I continued sewing the right side. It took me ages and I think I went through with almost one complete season of Bones.

I wanted something on the wired ruff that sticks out.
At first I thought of lace but it didn't fit. I went for a gold cord instead and I still like my idea (often as not, I don't).
It looked super nice with the cord but I wanted more.

I came that far and now I have run out of pearls. Of course, it just can't be easy.

I hope to finish it for Nippon Nation but chances are low and I really want to kick my ass for that.

all the best,


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