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March 05, 2021


Hello lovelies,

after months at sea my buyee parcel finally arrived. I was already biting my nails and checking the tracking almost daily but there was no progress. I sent the parcel to my address in October and it finally arrived in January. No idea what happened but my guess was that our local post office forgot about it. 

I made a short video unpacking it and as you can see, I am still not very comfortable infront of the camera. But it will get better, I hope.

So, what did I get? Most of the stuff in the box and what made it so heavy where 13 cotton time magazines from M. No wonder we paid so freaking much for the shipping. At least he is very happy with the magazines. 

I bought a Marie dress from Honey Cinnamon. I love Marie and Duchess from the Aristocats movie and would love to have a fluffy white cat with a pink bow. My cats don't like being dressed up at all, which is such a shame but I am not forcing them to wear something they don't like.

The print is just so cute with Marie and two different kind of bows. 

Next is a cardigan from Ank Rouge. It has three bows at the front and short sleeves. Usually my cardigans are white and it was time to get something different.

The blue dress is from Axes femme. I usually like to wear their simple designs to work because they look cute and are super comfy. I am probably known as the floral dress lady at work with the pastel pink hair.

One button is missing at the front but there was an extra button with the tags. I still  think it is super weird that people in Japan rather re-sell their dresses when a button has come off or is missing rather than sew it back on. Well, I am not complaining because this dress was super cheap. It was the same for the clothes I bought at Shimokitazawa. If there was a tiny flaw or a missing button, even though the extra button was still attached to the original tags, they rather sell it. It is a shame that most stores don't accept returns but it is good for us as the price is usually way cheaper than in the shop and there is a huge second hand market. 

A lolita-friend of mine has the exact same dress and she wore it for a meet-up almost two years ago. It looked so great, I really wanted the dress and now I finally got it on Buyee. Thank you, shopping gods.

I really love berry prints. There is a dress with an almost similar cut and print but I still wanted this one. I mean, can you ever have enough of berry prints?
Next and last is my cardigan, it is another plain white Liz Lisa cardigan, like the other 5 I have in my closet. But they just fit to almost everything and I just like them. 

 There is another white dress but I forgot to take pictures of it. It's from Axes femme and looks almost like a tunic with an underdress. It is nothing fancy and I guess it wouldn't have looked great in the pictures anyway as it would have been white on white. 

What is your favourite piece?

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 All the best,

 Auris Lothol

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