Takoyaki Co.

January 17, 2014

Hello lovelies,

on the livejournal community I stumbled over a japanese secondhand site called "Takoyaki Co." who sell brand dresses for a very reasonable price. International shipping with airmail is 15$ per piece. It is insured but untracked. Tracking costs exta.
Ask for a combine shipping if you order more than one dress. If you do so, you can also ask for a free gift and a discount.
I ordered Angelic Pretty's  French Girl OP and Pastel Pearl OP which were 140$ per piece plus 30$ shipping. I asked for a discount and got a really good offer.
Instead of 310$ I only paid 288$ (Including the paypal fees I paid 298$) which was 224€!

For more information on package, shipping and etc. look in the info section of the facebook site.

Here are the stock pictures:

And here is the package. Sent with airmail it only took 7days! That's very fast!
The package is really small and the dresses were in small separate plastic bags. That's the only thing I wasn't happy about, because the dresses are wrinkled now.

And this is what I got as a free gift

  • Reasonable prices and shipping. 
  • The staff was really nice, helpful, wrote English perfectly, and immediately gave me discount when I asked for one. 
  • Shipping was quick, but the dresses got wrinkled a bit because of the tight package. 
  • But otherwise the dresses are in perfect condition and as described. 
I can only recommend Takoyaki Co. to you!
4,5 stars out of 5!


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