Hime Pirate, arrrr

March 04, 2014

Hello lovelies,

Saturday was a really spontainous Gyaru meeting. It was announced on Wednesday and it had a theme again; Pirate.
Luckily I could pick out stuff from my new flat (I am currently living at Si's place because the new place is still a catastrophe...but that's a different story) which were Hime and Pirate like.
Even though I am not really happy with the coord, it's the best I could do in that short time and limited recources (as my clothes were still in boxes at that time).

It took me about 2h to get ready and then I couldn't attend. asdfgh. Annoying!
It just pisses me off again, that I spend so much time doing the highlighting and then it completely blends in and you can't really see it anymore.

Skirt & Bow on Hat: Bodyline
Hat: Ebay
Roses: Primark
Wigparts: Prisila
Rest: Offbrand


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