finished elf costumes

September 05, 2014

Hello lovelies,
longtime no see!
i am so busy at the moment a there is no end in sight because University will start in Oktober again too and I have 8 classes, á 1,5 or 2 hours plus 25,5hours of work per week, ergs. I really hope to finish all my projects and start new ones too...I have so many ideas.

The following two costumes were made for the Middle-earth festival (Mittelerdefest) near the Czech border in Austria. I have a very split opinion about the festival. On one side, I loved all the workshop and especially the long sword fighting. On the other side, I was confronted with racism and sexism which made me, a half Asian, half Austrian woman, so angry and mad at all these fucktards. I do not know if I'll go there again because it was really expensive (there is another lotr festival and it's located in a castle and it's only half the price..) , in the middle of nowhere (and I had to go there with public transportation) and because of the people who, I thought, were mysoginists.

Enough ranting (my favourite pastime)

Left is the front part, right the back..

All the parts for the top...

Tadah and that's the finished costume. I am sorry it is so winkled but I only had the chance to take pictures after the festival. I close it with this leave brooch and the white satin ribbon.

Detail pictures of he ribbon and my collar. I hand stitched flowers, pearls and rocailles on it. I like stitching very much yet I am still not good at it *cries*

The back. I closed the skirt part accidently although I wanted it to be open until the knee. whupsies. Never mind, it worked like that too.

Details of my stitching on my back collar. As you can see, I was too lazy to continue until the end...

And this is the more princess-ish dress, with pink velvet and silver/blue silk...
Front of the dress including the slippers I made!

 See how big the sleeves are? I love them but I only wore them when I did the leather works workshop because they would have been very impractical during my sword fighing workshop :D!

Details of my pearl stitching on the front. You will see, that I was too lazy/didn't have time to do the back.

See here the plain back but with a long (and dirty) trail. It was muddy and raining at the festival nearly all day long on saturday and Sunday. Lucky I wore this dress on Friday, it would have looked much worse when I have worn in on one of the other days.

Shoes plus details. Again, everything is hand stitched....

All pictures are large so if you click on them, you can zoom into them even more!

Have a nice weekend,


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