Victorian day dress - skirt

April 21, 2017

Hello lovelies,

so this is part two of the Victorian day dress series. It was a very long ride (in my eyes, even though it only took me a month?) and I am very happy I finished it. I took notes on how I constructed the items and I will use this knowledge to finally start on my historical Ariel costume. Finally.

Actually the skirt is just a veeeery long rectangle. I set the front part in folds and the last 5 centimeters I pleated in cartridge folds.

The first skirt is without my undergarment, the second picture is with. It really makes a difference!

And to be honest, the skirt part was much easier than the bodice.
Again I have no pictures of my next work step, but what I did was sew the skirt onto a band. And that band is sewn onto the bodice. That was weird at first but it was in Janet Arnold book so I just went along with it. Of course that part is hand sewn for one simple reason. The stitches are on the lining and are not seen on the outer material.

I made a piping between the bodice and the skirt and it was really hard work to sew there. No wonder I didn't make any pictures.

The book stated that the dress was "lightly padded" at the seam. With no idea of what that exactly meant I just sewed in some horsehair braid.
I hand sewed it, of course.
The last thing to do was doing the last seam. I folded the lining "inside" of the skirt.
At that was it again.
The finished dress looks like that:

Have a nice weekend,

Auris Lothol

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