Lolita Teekränzchen February 2019

February 21, 2019

Hello lovelies,

another month, another Teekränzchen.
This time we visited a Cafe called Daniel Moser's cottage. It is located in the 19th district which is infamous for being a more a more expensive and pretentious district.
The restaurant was full when we entered at 1pm and only cleared a bit when we left at 4pm but we had our own little booth which was wonderful.
I ordered the burger and the fries and latter was really good but the burger was boring. It was small and the avocado sauce was only in the middle. The chicken in the burger was tough and hard and all in all it was a let-down for expensive 14€.
M. ordered an apple cake and at least this was really good. It tasted of cinnamon and reminded me of apple strudel.

Group picture!

My outfit was a late valentines inspired one in red and white. I finally had the chance to wear my metamorphose dress again and it fit perfectly with the red blouse I made for a meet-up in Manila. It only needs red lace, I still haven't ordered some. The red roses on the shoes are from shoe clips I made for a cosplay. Good I kept them.

Have a nice week,

Auris Lothol

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