June and July OOTD 2021

January 12, 2022

Hello lovelies,

it is time for another outfit of the day post. It has been a while. A long while. But university is just so tiring that I really had no motivation to do anything except for studying, working and rotting on the couch. As for the outfit of the days, June and July are the next two months on the list. 

June begins with cats. I tried to do cat ear hair and I still think it was a very cute idea. My hair was also super short and very pink. The dress is from Leur Getter, the necklace from Rosemarie seoir, although I am not sure if this is a necklace or belt, a vintage bed jacket and Jesus Diamante shoes. With this dress I like to go either all in black or all in white with my blouse and accessories because of the black and white cat print. And this time I went with black again.

I wore this second outfit for the Lolita teekränzchen which was held again after months of corona-hiatus. We went to eat in a really delicious Chinese Restaurant and I remember that I had to go there alone because my bf has just gotten his second shot and was not feeling well. It was weird going out in lolita again but I had a wonderful afternoon with the girls.

Here is the full group picture taken by a friendly waitress. The light was not in my favour.

The next is not a lolita outfit but I think it counts too. Plus I made the dress myself. We were residing at Burg Bernstein and it was the perfect week.

 We made a lot of pictures of my Regency costume and I also brought a lolita outfit. I already made a post on that last year.

Later that month I wore a darker outfit. The dress and tights are from Violet fane and I just love the print. Bonnet is from Angelic Pretty, if I remember correctly. I should do a wardrobe post again...

Off to July! The month started with yet another darker outfit and to ne honest, I didn't like it too much when I saw the pictures. The dress and bottom half are ok but I do not like the hat in combination with the flat hair. Oh well, now I know better. JSK is from Bodyline, hat is vintage.

This mon lily overdress has been in my collection for ages but it feels like I didn't wear it in the last three years. The belt like straps in front always reminds me of a gun holster which makes it a bit too edgy for most of my cute outfits. But I wanted to try it with an ultra cute and pink chiffon dress and somehow it didn't look too bad. I actually like the look a lot, especially with the blond lockshop wig.

The headband was in my possession for ages too and that was the first time I wore it. Once again, no idea why because it is super cute. A friend sold it to me at a bring and buy and she bought it in Japan herself.

The next outfit is just a super casual dress for a meet-up with my sister. We got some bubble tea and enjoyed the sun (in the shade).


The last coord for July is my lavender Angelic Pretty Dramatic Rose dress. This time I combined it with an Angelic Pretty hairbow (I bought it in Paris 2019), a white Infanta blouse and lavender shoes. It's simple yet elegant.

And on that note, I will end this post. Once again I want to remind everyone that I am still on hiatus and only posting when I have time and want to procrastinate from work or university. My first draft of my thesis was submitted last Friday and since then I suddenly have the energy to revive my blog a bit, sort pictures and write on my patreon. But I soon have to finish the thesis and then I'll be probably gone again until mid-March, plus I have my Latin exam then. Wish me luck!

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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